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Your farm holiday in South Tyrol: Arrive · Relax · Enjoy

Immerse yourself in the wonderful natural and animal world at the Hintnerhof in the beautiful Valle di Casies. Enjoy relaxing days on our quiet and sunny farm in the middle of nature. Here in the heart of the South Tyrolean Dolomites, it is easy to reflect on the beautiful and essential things in life.

Hintnerhof – BIO out of conviction

We live and work in & with nature and have been BIOLAND certified since 2017.

There is no alternative to nature!

That is why we try to be as considerate as possible with our resources.

Our heating and hot water preparation are fired with wood chips from our forest and our guests have a SODASTREAM ® at their disposal because we are very lucky to be able to enjoy our precious drinking water straight from the tap.

In 2020 we switched our organic farm from dairy farming to suckler cow husbandry and 600 chickens moved to us at the Hintnerhof. They live in 2 mobile stables in the middle of our meadows and get fresh grass, fresh air and sun every day, which you can tell immediately from the taste of our organic meadow eggs.

But we don’t just have cows and chickens at the Hintnerhof, from ponies to lamas – from rabbits to dogs. Everyone is looking forward to being admired, fed and petted extensively by our guests.

In our garden and around our farm you can romp around or relax in peace.

Excursions through the beautiful mountain landscape around our farm lead to exciting excursion destinations! So there is something to experience every day. Look forward to a farm holiday in Valle di Casies that will make everyone happy.


 Gsiesa Goggilan

One egg is the same as another. Or not?

Our organic chickens live in the mobile stable in the middle of our meadows, so our chickens get fresh grass, air and sun.

We also keep dual-purpose chickens.

With “dual use” we mean eggs & meat, which means that the meat of our organic chickens is also used as soup chicken after their active time as laying hens and the male chicks are also raised.

Unfortunately not a matter of course these days …

But for us an affair of the heart! ♥

Even if ethical and sustainable use of our earth’s resources is important to you, eggs from dual-purpose chickens are a matter of course!

Why do organic meadow eggs cost more than normal free-range eggs?

The workload with a mobile stable is greater because it gets a new place in our meadows around every 2 weeks and additional feed and water have to be brought to the stable.

In addition to the higher costs for the purchase and rearing of organic laying hens themselves and the larger land requirement per animal provided for by the guidelines for organic agriculture, it is above all the costs for the feed that have an impact on the books. Grains and pulses in organic quality are much more expensive than corresponding products from conventional cultivation.

Our chickens only get certified GMO-free organic feed.

Due to the good feeding, the fresh grass and the great freedom of movement in our meadows and fields, our organic meadow eggs simply taste better and contain a particularly large number of vitamins (A, D, E), healthy omega 3 fatty acids and carotenoids.

That is what is special about our organic meadow eggs!

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